KOLA LOKA BAND • Saturday, November 17th • 10PM - 11:30PM

Founded in Santiago de Cuba in 2001by two brothers, Yacer and Yamerl Robinson, the band first started playing music as a hobby. Thanks to their first hit “El Calentico,” the band gained quick popularity, By using slower, smother rhythms than traditional Cubaton artists, Kola Loka distinguished itself as one of the most creative bands of the genre. “We experiment, we explore different styles,” Yacer explains, adding the Kola Loka is first and foremost a “fusion band” with a large pane of influences, including Merengue, Son, Guarache, and Cumbia.

By 2009, they started to gain international success, thanks to their major hits “No Me Da Mi Gana Americana” and “ La Etafa Del Babalo.” Featured on many compilations distributed around the world, the band is now considered one the best ambassadors of the Cubaton movement.

Kola Loka has gone beyond the borders of its native island to tour Europe and throughout the USA.