MIAMI GIRLS TUMBAO BAND • Saturday, May 26th • 9PM - 1AM

Miami Girl’s Tumbao emerged in 2017. The ALL ladies group had their musical academic training in Cuba, they united their individual talents and play very original sounds in the unique style that characterizes the Miami Girl’s Tumbao. These seven girls, professional artist, music lovers, have worked with many musicians in and out of Cuba and the United States. With their subtleness and soft voices, this singers interpret the Cuban rhythm like the son, Guaracha and other Latin rhythms in a unique fashion. Miami Girl’s Tumbao are characterized by their diverse genres, including salsa, son, Timba, Bolero, Latin Jazz, Conga, Ballads, Merengue and Bachata, just to name a few. Certainly their performances are a positive change in the musical status for the Miami Girl’s Tumbao, turning a dream into a reality.