Orquesta Riverside Miami • Saturday, July 28th • 10PM - 11:30PM

For over 15 years, since its foundation in Miami, the Riverside Miami Orchestra has been performing traditional and Contemporary Cuban music Repertoires. From boleros, Salsa, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Guaracha and much more. Following the tradition and keeping the legend alive, Percussionist Mario del Monte Jr., heads up RIVERSIDE MIAMI BAND, when he put together the project of legendary and traditional music institution that is a tribute project in Miami. His mission and mandate is to promote to all audiences this great repertoire and to keep alive the musical legend of such an important orchestra and its music of Cuban and Latin Jazz offered throughout this multi culture community. The Orchestra, led by Mario del Monte Jr., one of the most prolific musical leaders of Orchestras from Cuba from many years, Mario’s father, Mario del Monte Sr. is one of greatest Band leaders that Cuba ever had. The orchestra has been part of many clubs, special events, festivals and events in Florida in a variety of venues since its formation in Miami.